Reiki Healing Sessions

Energy Exchange Options

In Person

Reiki has been shown to aid the body in creating an environment for physical, spiritual, and healing.  Reiki sessions are relaxing and a great way to support your journey in wellness.  Clients are fully clothed and light touch or no touch may be used.  Click “What To Expect” for more information.

At A Distance

Distant Reiki healing sessions are a great way to try Reiki for the first time.  Because Reiki is is a life energy and flows through all living things, it can be transmitted using the practitioner’s intention to send it and the client’s intention to receive it.  During the session transmission, it is best to be in a quiet, comfortable place, to experience the greatest benefit.  Clients may connect virtually – however, merely setting a session time to send and receive is sufficient for experiencing the full effect.

We will meet via Zoom, Skype or locally, face-to-face.

Once you have paid for your services, you will receive an email with a PDF of the informed consent form to sign and a scheduling link. Kindly open the email within 48 hours of receipt so you may have the best choice of times to book your appointment!

There aren’t enough words to encompass the beauty, love and compassion that Julie brings to all facets of her work. From a heart centered approach, paired with a deep wisdom, Julie guides an individual into a transformative journey of the self. When the tides turn and the chaos threatens to consume, she is someone I can always turn to for much needed clarity and perspective.


Julie’s compassion, insight and intuition have helped guide her beautifully during our Reiki sessions. She is selfless, kind and above all, genuine in her efforts to help her ​clients find peace. I will continue to connect with her when I seek that spiritual lift and encourage others to do the same.


“Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another into the light.”

~ Norman B Rice

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” 

~ Howard Thurman