I recently had the pleasure of experiencing RTC sessions with Julie and I am deeply grateful for her holistic approach to healing. Her clarity and compassion shone through in every interaction, making me feel supported and understood. She also really supported me in my own journey as an RCT practitioner making things clearer and embodied. Julie excels in her post-session follow-ups, providing insightful card readings and thoughtful emails that enhanced my healing journey. Her sensitive and clear communication style ensured I always knew what to expect and how to integrate the work we did together. I highly recommend Julie for anyone seeking a compassionate and comprehensive healing experience.
— Lila Lara

Julie completed an astrological reading for me at a time where I was really struggling with my path forward. The reading helped clarify what was getting stuck and how to gently uproot it. It also helped me regain a sense of faith and confidence in myself and my future.


If you are looking for someone to help you believe in yourself so you can move toward your best life, Julie Sherwood is absolutely the friend you want to have in your corner! She brings amazing knowledge, wisdom, and unfailing supportiveness to her practice, and a way of seeing the next move you can to shift your life while at the same time helping you feel that you haven’t done anything at all wrong. Julie accepts you as you are and helps you go from there. A truly beautiful Soul!!

Maria S.

I am so happy I had a reading done with Julie! I am going through a lot of life changes and healing right now so I wanted to learn more about myself through astrology. This was so helpful! So many of the points were right on. And through this I have been able to better direct my healing path!! Thank you so much Julie!

Kate K.

Julie makes you feel important, like a friend you have known for a long time. I received a sidereal astrology reading and it honestly changed my life. It provided me with insight and tools so that I could better understand myself. Her session continues to add value into my life as time goes on. She is an incredible resource and after you experience a session with her, you won’t need another astrologist or coach.


There aren’t enough words to encompass the beauty, love and compassion that Julie brings to all facets of her work. From a heart centered approach, paired with a deep wisdom, Julie guides an individual into a transformative journey of the self. When the tides turn and the chaos threatens to consume, she is someone I can always turn to for much needed clarity and perspective.


Julie’s compassion, insight and intuition have helped guide her beautifully during our Reiki sessions. She is selfless, kind and above all, genuine in her efforts to help her ​clients find peace. I will continue to connect with her when I seek that spiritual lift and encourage others to do the same.


As I have never heard of this form of Astrology reading before, I was very curious and open. Nobody before has ever so nicely, yet accurately formulated some of my “shadow sides” and simultaneously pointing out abilities.
Fran A.

I have known Julie since 2019.  What initially impressed me was her sincere and compassionate energy, as well as her professional knowledge in the healthcare and legal arenas.  As a mental health provider for over 30 years, I have always believed the best care model comes from continually developing your own well-being to better serve your patients.  Knowing Julie continues to pursue her own self-growth and wellness speaks volumes to her dedication to her own clients.  What she knows, she offers willingly.  What she questions, she finds answers to with an open heart.  With such a beautiful energy, she has offered me insight that has been a guiding force in many areas of my life.  I am blessed to have such a strong and caring advocate in my corner, as well as a knowledgeable colleague to consult with when needed. 


“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep, loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

Elisabeth Kubler Ross

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