Have you been noticing over the last several days a feeling of heavy energy accompanied by an intense need for self-reflection?  There seems to be common thread of many people talking about how they are noticing an increase in how they are absorbing energies of others around them – whether the “others” be family, close friends, or the greater collective.  And that in turn is triggering some deep-seated wounds, pain, and desire to explore why this is.

The action in the sky is moving us along in this journey of healing reflection.  That Wounded Healer centaur, Chiron, is having a little party in the cosmos that we’re all feeling.  For more on this celestial body, see my prior blog: How the Wounded Becomes the Healed”.

Sir Chiron has been doing his sky dance in Pisces for quite a while.  Pisces represents the deep waters of the soul.  The flow and surrender to what is.  Connection to the Divine Higher Realms.  And, also the waters of escapism and addiction.


How Chiron in Pisces shows itself is a hypersensitivity to energies in any way, shape, or form.  And more specifically can feel like a breach of personal energetic boundaries as we take in all of the discord around us.

Throw in a handshake with the Moon on July 19, 2022, as Chiron was stationing to retrograde and we have the ingredients for the emotional brew.  The meeting of these two friends had us feeling a bit of upheavel as we were noticing some long-held patterns of hurt that we have not taken the time to reconcile.  It may also feel like you’ve been cast adrift with no connection to something greater than yourself.  And with swirling, emotional, confusion rooted in pain, rather than deal with it, Pisces may have you ignoring it through addictive escape. Excessive or increased use of numbing tools like alcohol, drugs, or mindless cybersurfing.  You’ll do anything to not look at this deep-seated pain or trauma and eventually resolve it.

And by letting this all fester, we get cranky.  Achy.  Sleepless.  Restless.  Or downright complete zone out.  But we all know that ignoring what hurts doesn’t make it go away.  It may subside for a bit, especially if you’re hanging out in the ethers of, “go away, not today.”  But it will be a drumbeat in your mind, body, and spirit until you open the door, say hello, and have that conversation to address it to where it no longer owns you.

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Retrograde Chiron allows for this introspective, reflective period.  The slowing down of the forward momentum of this sky body gives that ability to do the internal dive to figure out how to look at all this, assess it from a higher-self perspective and be ready to move onward in the healing process when Chiron picks up steam in his forward journey in about six months.

What makes this process even more illuminating is knowing what Chiron is doing in your own personal chart.  The transiting Chiron is seen at a collective level, but he also moves to activate energies and characteristics in your chart.  In other words, the transiting Chiron exhibits the wounds of the collective which in turn create a personal response to the placement and aspects of Chiron in a birth chart.

So just what does one do with all of this discordance?  Well, the first thing is to work with the retrograde slowing of Chiron as mentioned earlier.  This slowing gives us a prompt to go within.  Do some deep soul searching to find out what your inner voice can tell you what hurts and why it hurts.  Think about being the nurturing parent asking the little one how he or she can be comforted.  That’s the work.  The little one knows and isn’t afraid to tell you if you just listen.

This dialogue can result in some big stuff that needs to be addressed.  Long-held traumas.  Profoundly held beliefs that are self-destructive or self-deprecating.  Suppressed memories of hurts inflicted by loved ones.  A personal power gone dormant out of fear of reprisal or ridicule.  If you find yourself unearthing such intense discoveries, it might be time to consider a conversation with a skilled sidereal astrologist, wellness coach, energy healer.  We can help you understand what your chart has in store and how transiting planet events can affect you and what to do with all what you learn.  When you have this level of cognizance of your chart and how things manifest for you, the opportunity to work in harmony with what’s going on is that much greater.  You’re less likely to be blind-sided by combustible forces and be able to anticipate and move in flow with what’s coming.


The key to Chiron is to first understand his placement in your personal chart.  His imprint of rejection, pain, abandonment, hypersensitivity plays out for all of us, but in different ways depending on his home in your own chart.  Once you have a grasp for how this manifests for you, then you can start to move into transcending the painful effects to where they no longer control you.  You begin to move from the wounded to the wounded healer.  This is the phase where you have the knowledge, yet you still identify with the wound itself.  “I am hypersenstive and worried about what others think when I try to communicate with them” or “I am a dyslexic learner so I struggle with gathering information” is a Chiron placement in the 3rd house and/or Gemini.  This person identifies with an over-reaction to how others perceive him or her in this area.

As you begin to move into the transcendence of the wound and beyond personally identifying with this (think skilled solution-focused wellness coach here), then you can truly see yourself as the healed wounded.  You have space to see in others what you’ve struggled with and can lend a level of compassion to those people as one who has been there.  This is the complete transmutation of it.  But, a word of caution – this is a continual process.  You may be on the other side of it, then BAM…something comes along to trigger this in you all over again (remember those transits??). However, each time it comes, the more you know and understand how Sir Chiron plays in your playground, then the more adept you are at moving through to that metamorphosis from the pain inflicted.

I hope this gives you some insights to how Chiron may work in your world.  If you’d like to explore how he shows up for you, contact me at Your Best Hopes Wellness Coaching and check out my Services page.  I’d love to be a part of your journey of discovery and empowerment through the eyes of your chart.

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